My Take On The Death Of News

This was a blog I had to write for my News Writing 2 class and I thought it was interesting enough to share with you all as well!          

         Last week I went to an interesting lecture called  “Death Of News”, that I thought would be interesting to share with you all.  The Lecturer was Phillip Milano, a long time journalist for the Florida Times in Jacksonville.  I happened to have found his website and if you would like know a little about him you can find that >  Here

The name of the lecture was quite direct to what he talked about, what he felt will soon be the end of traditional news as we know it. I admit he brought up a lot of interesting information and facts about some falls of journalism today. One of the most shocking of the many statistics was since 2007 there has been 1 million fewer stories each year from journalists. This according to him at least was because the amount of journalists with jobs has gone down significantly in that time.

            All together I feel he kind of left a grim tone for those of us looking to get journalism degrees.  Which I admit is something I was kind of expecting, looking at the name of the lecture. Though when it came to some of the things he talked about, I can’t say I completely agreed with everything on all aspects but most definitely respected his opinions.  Looking at his credentials, you don’t get to have 18 years of experience in newspapers by accident.

            One thing he talked about was that the newspaper business being in trouble today.  Obviously there’s not doubting that.  I can’t tell you how many people when I tell them I’m going in to journalism ask me if I think newspapers are dying.  While I believe many newspapers are definitely suffering, I don’t see a timeline in the future where newspapers are gone all together.

            This subject reminds me of some things that are listed in book in my journalism class and a lot in my mass communication class I am also taking.  Something the books mention is always around the time the next big thing in technology came out, everyone thought it would completely eradicate the previous.  Like for example the one’s I think of are the telegraph when the phone came out and the radio when the Television came to be.  While those older technologies took a hit, neither became extinct really.

            Which in my mind traditional newspaper is the same way if not more competitive against new technologies.  Right now I want you to think about all the things the newspaper has already survived.  Well for one, there was the radio and then just a short time later in the whole scheme of ground shaking inventions the television.  Could you imagine the word going around those times about the newspaper?  Maybe it wasn’t that much of a concern at that time considering how big and the pure volume of newspaper companies at that time but just think about all that it has survived already!

            With that being said do you really think the Internet, specifically social media will be the final blow?  Something specific he talked about was the idea that anyone with a twitter/blog is becoming a journalist just without the formal training.  The reason it concerning in Mr. Milano’s eyes was that he feared it would lead to everyone getting their news by untrained writers.  This leading to making the public feel it was ok not to worry about credibility of the source of the information and a final outcome of people not reading the newspaper anymore.

            Personally I feel that it would never get to the extreme, where most people don’t feel like they need reliable sources on information.  It’s just too important of a detail to leave out I feel and as I said in my last blog of my class. Credibility and sources are a major part of getting people to read your work today with so many blogs and people with opinion out there.  You have to make sure the information you’re reading is credible 

            Also I would have to say, I’m not so concerned about newspaper going out completely anytime soon.  In my mind Newspapers are like the Twinkies of the communication world (Only because I’d rather be a Twinkie than a cockroach).  It will take more than the boom of the Internet or social media to take it down.

            As a future journalist I would have to say yes, the real world of finding a job is scary for anyone but I can’t say I’m too concerned honestly.  Maybe newspapers are not as big as they used to be but I believe this.  They have the unique feature of adaptation and when they’re threatened, it will just change gears and go the other way just as they always have in the past.  


            All that being said, I would have to say Mr. Phillip Milano did a great lecture and really hit on a lot of interesting points.  I talked to him a little bit afterwards and actually got a picture with him, which was pretty cool!


Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think!